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Henne Strand · poster · 2020


Poster created for the Danish resort Henne Strand – at the west coast of Denmark.  The poster features famous Danish sculptor Erik Heides work “Katrine – The Seagull” from 2019.

New Calligraphies

North Kunstmesse / Art Fair · Aalborg Denmark · September 2019
Galleri 2132

Book · We are all equal and so on · published november 2018

A presentation of Finn Nygaards work including jazzposters, posters from the series We are all equal, ink paintings, workshops, photos etc. Accompanied by texts from a.o. Peter C. Kjærgaard, Elsebeth Aasted Schanz, Christian Brorsen, Peter Gyllan and Lars Dybdahl.
November 2018
400 pages · 17 x 24,5 cm
Graphic design: Finn Nygaard
Print: Typographic
ISBN 978-87998505-1-8

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Harper’s Bazaar Art · China

Invitational project for the upcoming anniversary issue. In 2011 the legendary magazine with an illustrious 151 year history was launched under the title Harper’s Bazaar Art. January 2016 marks the fifth anniversary of this most prestigious international art magazine.
Ten world-renowned artist and designers are invited to contribute an artwork to a special feature appearing in this upcoming anniversary issue.
The artworks are based on the theme “5”, the Chinese symbol of “
The Circle of Life”.

Love · poster and fan

FunFan and poster – The Wind of Love to the World. Invitational, Japan 2008

Emballage · DM

DM · Dansk Magisterforening

DM · Danish Association of Masters and PhDs