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Fonnesbæk & Kauflin

Thomas Fonnesbæk & Justin Kauflin


Koncert i Thisted, Thy Danmark
Jazzklubben “Jazz i Thy”
19. marts 2022



Photo · Finn Nygaard

Photos: México 2010

Mexico City and Puebla. IBCM 2010.
Photo: Finn Nygaard. Leica M8. Nikon D800.

Iran · photos

Iran, May 2014. 1000 thanks to all friends in Iran for an amazing experience: Ladan Rezai and Iraj Mirza Alikhani (IGDS), students and teachers in Tehran and Esfahan, Mina and Mitra, Pari and Ali, Imam Ali Museum Tehran, Ambassador Anders Christian Hougaard – Royal Danish Embassy Tehran, Birthe Koed – APV Intercool ….. and many others. Hope to see you all again soon.

Photo series: Roskilde Cathedral

In 1995 the famous Roskilde Cathedral was added to UNESCO’s list of the world’s most precious cultural assets. It is one of the earliest examples of French-inspired, Gothic brick architecture. The church can be dated back to around 1080, and even back to around 985, when Harold Bluetooth was “buried in the town of Roskilde, in the church that he himself had built in honour of the Holy Trinity”. No trace of Harold’s church has ever been found. Roskilde Cathedral is where the Danish royal family buries its dead – though it is only since the Reformation in 1536 that all the kings have found their final resting place here. But the Cathedral also contains several important medieval royal graves, among these Danish Queen Margrete 1 (1553-1442), daughter of Valdemar Atterdag.
Photo: Finn Nygaard. Leica M8