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The Oresundtrain

Colour setting: Finn Nygaard AGI MDd

Winner of The Danish Design Award/Den Danske Designpris 2000.

The train connects Copenhagen and Malmo in Sweden.The train carries on the quantities that were introduced with the IC3 train. The more slender shape and the interior appear functional and coherent. The technology has been adapted to the two countries’ different power systems. Userfriendliness has been given a high priority: The floor is level with the platform, and there are wide double doors and a large vestibule, enhancing the accessibility for all usergroups and enabling a clear view down the length of the train. The train is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, with its holistic approach and high quality materials. 

From DesignDK 2:2000. The Danish Design Center Journal.

muum · cup 80 and cup 100

muum fingerpads are designed by the Danish designer and artist Finn Nygaard. The design is faithful to Scandinavian and Japanese design tradition. “Simple, strong and sharp”.

muum fingerpads er udviklet af den danske designer og kunstner Finn Nygaard. Designet er tro mod skandinavisk og japansk design tradition. Serien er kendetegnet ved fordybningen i siden af koppen, der passer til tommelfingeren. Fordybningen giver et godt greb om koppen. Fingerpad serien omfatter 2 modeller – en termokop muum 100 og en almindelig porcelænskop muum 80.

Airbus 320 · DAT Danish Air Transport

Danish Air Transport, or DAT, is a Danish airline founded in 1989.

Danish Air Transports Airbus A320 landed in Billund May 2015.

Color setting and logo: Finn Nygaard.

Photos: Jens Voigt