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Storyville Records · posters


A new series of posters for Storyville Records. The posters are based on Storyville Records CD releases 2021-2023.


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Go’ morgen Danmark

Interview ifm udgivelse af bog om Ib Antoni. Udgivet 2021 af Antoni Legacy.
Forfatter Sara Alfort har i samarbejde med Antoni Legacy >

Poster · Shanghai Design 10×10

The 2021 Shanghai Design 10×10 Global Invitation Poster Exhibition. Organized by Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. China Arts Museum, Shanghai.
The organizers reviewed the participating designers as well as their posters and have decided that there might be some doubts over some posters.

Therefore, some works were not exhibited, but were excluded/blacklisted. The decision was jointed made by the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. 

Music posters

A series of posters with music instruments.
For Jazzhus Montmartre.

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Jury · BIPB South Korea


Member of the 2nd jury of the 1st B.I International Poster Art Biennale.
August 2021.

Henne Strand · poster · 2020


Poster created for the Danish resort Henne Strand – at the west coast of Denmark.  The poster features famous Danish sculptor Erik Heides work “Katrine – The Seagull” from 2019.

Ulstrup Slot

Poster exhibition
· 2021 · September 4-5
Kunstridderne, 30 years anniversary.

El Lissitzky

Poster tribute · El Lissitzky 1890-1941
Invitational poster project.


El Lissitzky was a Russian artist, designer, photographer, typographer, polemicist and architect. He was an important figure of the Russian avant-garde.


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Jazz på papir · Heltborg Museum

Poster exhibition
in Heltborg Museum, Thy · Denmark. invitational. Arranged by Sydthy Kunstforening. Vernissage September 17 – with world famous Danish jazz basist Thomas Fonnesbæk.

MK61 posters


Exhibition posters for MK61 
Morsø Kunstforening af 1961

(Morsø art association · The Island of Mors, Denmark)



100 years anniversary · UNOVIS

International poster contest organized by the Vitebsk Center of modern and Contemporary Art, Belarus
– to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the foundation of the artists’ union UNOVIS at the Vitebsk People’s Art School.
The international jury: Peter Bankov, chairman (Czech Republic), Finn Nygaard (Denmark),

UNOVIS (also known as MOLPOSNOVIS and POSNOVIS) was a short-lived but influential group of artists, founded and led by Kazimir Malevich at the Vitebsk Art School in 1919. 

Horace Silver · tribute


Jazzhus Montmartre is the historic jazz hotspot of Copenhagen, presenting world class live jazz at the original intimate venue where the famous club started back in 1959.
Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silver  (1928 – 2014) was an American jazz pianist, composer, and arranger, particularly in the hard bop style that he helped pioneer in the 1950s.

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Peace · poster series

Invitational poster project · traveling exhibition in Taiwan, 2019.

Poster Festival Budapest

Juror in the Poster Festival Budapest, Hungary
Organized by the Hungarian Poster Association. Budapest, Hungary. November 2018.
The 2018 jury: Agnieszka Ziemiszewska, Árendás József, Ducki Krzysztof, Finn Nygaard, Pinczehelyi Sándor, Slobodan Štetić, Szőnyeg-Szegvári Eszter and Tóth Tamás.

P8 Jazz-prisen 2017

Tove Enevoldsen, spillestedsleder i foreningen Paradise Jazz i København, blev den 5. modtager af P8 Jazz-prisen.
Plakat/Illustration: Finn Nygaard

100th anniversary of the revolution in Russia

Invitational Global Poster Project. 100 posters from 90 leading designers from around the world. The 100th anniversary of the Revolution in Russia. Golden Bee 13 Global Biennale of Graphic Design. Curator of the Global Poster Project: Serge Serov, AGI.

17for17 · Zero Hunger

Invitational poster project. 17 poster for United Nations 17 sustainable goals. Poster auction. Chora Connection. December 2016. Exhibition January 12 – April 9, Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen.